We are firm believers in the power of civil litigation to redress wrongs, especially in the current political era when  government is unresponsive and unproductive and officials are mired in name-calling, petty disputes, posturing and outright fraud. We limit ourselves to consideration of civil disputes; criminal justice is another animal altogether, largely dysfunctional, and itself often the object of vigorous challenge in our civil courts. ( EG, wrongful death suits against police; a recent civil case charging all 13 criminal court judges with conspiracy to deny impoverished arrestees their constitutional rights is a case in point.)

We emphasize that when executive and legislative functions fail, the judicial branch - civil division - remains at hand, already empowered, designed to take action and armed with real tools to compensate harm and compel remedial measures.

The power of civil juries to assess responsibility and financial loss is immense. The power of judges to enjoin or compel both private and governmental conduct is vast. And these tools are already in place, manned by skilled and imaginative lawyers with years of experience.

It is our mission to keep lawyers, judges, the public and government officials fully apprised of ongoing lawsuits throughout our region's civil court systems. We report on the filing of significant New Orleans and Louisiana cases, track their progress and publish their outcome, at trial and on appeal. Our service started here because our courts are replete with litigation of every sort - the result of vast industrial and commercial activity, urban population density, diversity and disparity, corruption; plenty of lawyers throughout the region; and no reluctance among most residents to "sue the bastards" for perceived wrongdoing.

When we discover a case from away raising issues which arise here, or possibly serving as a model for redressing wrongs that occur here witth regularity, we report it. When we learn of wrongs that beg for redress, we identify them - even though no case has yet been filed. Our mission includes stimulating - even inspiring -  appropriate legal action when needed.

Yes, TRIALogs is an apologist for the plaintiffs' bar of attorneys  who mainly represent private victims of bad - though not necessarily criminal - conduct. Victims of fraud, negligence, malpractice, false advertising, breach of contract and the like - usually folks without the connections or resources to secure a just outcome.

Each  suit is a dramatic story - often tragic, sometimes humorous, generally interesting and frequently important. We update the site daily so bookmark the site and check in regularly. Find a lawyer in our list of attorneys and advertisers - and make sure to notify us if you spot a wrong that needs to be corrected.

-  The Editors