This site reports on significant civil actions filed in New Orleans. We publish information about anticipated case filings, new case filings and pending cases, followed by updates on the progress and status of all reported cases, and appeals.

With few exceptions, we do not publish stories about criminal or traffic cases, or divorce or custody matters.

Case descriptions, status updates, in depth profiles of parties, lawyers and witnesses are all written by TRIALogs staff. Filings are identified  from review of public records, from notifications from clerks' offices, from members of the bar, from parties  themselves (and their attorneys), and from other publications; occasionally we receive an alert from a member of the public, or a TRIALogs subscriber.

We report on:

We also cover wrongful conviction, actual innocence and 8th amendment ("cruel and unusual punishment") cases merging civil and criminal law and procedure

In addition, we profile selected lawyers, judges and others involved in the civil court system,  write about the most significant trials in our "Featured Cases" section, and publish articles and blogs written by members of the legal community as well as TRIALogs staff.

Our "Legislation" section provides summaries and alerts about legislative action at all levels - state, federal and municipal - that affect civil proceedings.

Our "War Stories" section is written by practicing lawyers and judges willing and anxious to share tales of actual trials and cases with the public. Fascinating stories from "behind the scenes" about the complexity, the drama and the personalities that comprise many civil actions. Trial lawyers are often great story-tellers and many love to regale others with their experiences. War Stories provides the forum.

Finally, Our War Room provides a limited access forum for members of the bar - lawyers, judges, selected others - to exchange information and advice about civil practice.


civil rights   
environmental harm
breach of contract  
medical malpractice  
insurance bad-faith    
consumer fraud  
general negligence-accidents  
product liability  
class actions  
sexual abuse and harassment  
civil conversion    
prosecutorial and police misconduct    
...many more



In each venue category, cases are identified by their name and date of filing, followed by a brief description of the nature of the action -- a feature you'll use to determine if you want to read on to learn details of the case. If so, the details are provided in a full synopsis of the case, including regular updates for ongoing trials.  Links to the original case filings (Complaint, Answer, rulings, etc.) follow each case summary. The names and contact information for the lawyers trying the case are also included, with links to their websites. Whether you are an injured party or an interested attorney you can instantly contact the lawyer trying the case that captures your attention - a case perhaps bearing similarities to your own situation.