Donald Trump moves to limit your right to file civil suits in cases of nursing home patient abuse.

Right now, if your parent or loved-one is abused or otherwise victimized in a nursing home, you have the right to sue the institution on your parent's behalf for damages and corrective orders. But Donald Trump is planning to take away the right to go to court, by forcing families to instead go before an arbitrator - generally paid by the nursing home - for relief. It's been proven again and again that arbitrators tend to rule in favor of corporate defendants and against harmed parties in the vast majority of cases. Business by and large loves arbitration and hates juries who are more likely to side with the injured plaintiff and award lots of damage money to the victim. That's why, if you were to look at your contracts with your auto insurance, credit card and cable company you'd see that you've already agreed to give up your right to sue in the event of a dispute.



In another reversal of Obama-era criminal justice policy, Attorney General Jeff Sessions on July 17 said the Justice Department will take steps to make it easier for police to keep property taken from suspected criminals. Civil Forfeiture of property continues to rise in use as law enforcement agencies need money to continue operating.