This is a draft of the proposed TRIALOGS website, published solely for evaluation by members of the New Orleans, La. Legal community.  Although actual 2017 cases are abstracted here from court records and other publications, the formats, content and layout are not final.  This is to give potential readers an idea of what will be published and in what fashion.  TRIALogs is unqualifiedly dedicated to the work and mission of the Plaintiffs' Bar. This publication is intended to promote resort by plaintiffs to civil court for the redress of harm and injury.  As such it will serve as a counterpart to the mass of mainstream media, such as the "Institute for Legal Reform" (ILR), published by the "US Chamber," dedicated to vilification of the plaintiffs' bar.

TRIALogs is based in New Orleans, but intended for future publication throughout the US, so that lawyers and the public alike can read firsthand what the Bar is undertaking in both state and federal courts nationwide.  It will also serve as a forum for plaintiffs' lawyers as well as a compendium of current civil actions, attorneys, profiles, outcomes and damage awards.

We hope you'll find it useful. After reviewing this outline, please help guide its future by assessing the concept and providing your advice, criticism and recommendations for the publication.

The Plaintiffs' Bar deserves heightened public support in this era of suppression and curtailing of mechanisms for the redress of wrongs. The value of the Bar needs to be publicized, promoted, marketed and made abundantly clear to every American citizen. It's one of the nation's most important institutions.

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